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Family home

"Raphael at Houseman was recommended to us. Certain estate agents seem to earn a reputation for maybe only being focused on their commission. Raphael was instrumental in managing the sale, getting the..." read more

By Andrew B 1 year ago - 1 response

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Property Sale

"Thanks Raphael for the excellent service you and Emma gave us with our recent property sale. This is the second property that Houseman Properties has sold on our behalf. Would definitely recommend the..." read more

By Vivien L 1 year ago - 1 response

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"Very polite and professional team. Good sensible advice about the property and clearly had an understanding of the market and local area. Helpful at all levels during the sale of the property. Recomme..." read more

By gerald k 4 years ago - 1 response

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First rate local agent for sales and lettings

"Raphael and Emma are great to deal with. Excellent communication and good vetting processes. Would definitely recommend." read more

By Adam S 4 years ago - 1 response

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Best agent in UK

"Dear Raphael This is a long time coming . Haydi and I want to thank you and Emma for all you have done and continue to do managing our 2 Bedder. When we decided to rent it out 5yrs ago we we..." read more

By David P 4 years ago - 1 response

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