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Ron sweet

"PROFESSIONAL COMPETENT RESPECTFUL I am very pleased with R.Whitley & co They kept me informed at all times, Advised me when needed to, I feel I can trust there judgment, and will Be loo..." read more

By Ronald S 1 year ago - 0 responses

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Both a landlord and a seller

"I was extremely pleased with the service from R Whitley and co, both as a seller and landlord. They always acted with care and professionalism in all our dealings. Jonathan was always helpful and..." read more

By Ray R 2 years ago - 0 responses

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Thanks again for your help and support!

"Great professional people ! Thanks for helping us for the last 5 years . Always had a very quick fix . Kind regards Raimonda " read more

By Raimonda R 4 years ago - 1 response

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Excellent services

"Excellent experienced staff" read more

By muhammad s 2 years ago - 0 responses

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Very professional estate agency with a truly personal service

"I have bought several properties over the past seven years from Whitley and company. As a chartered surveyor myself I am particularly impressed by their professionalism , integrity and honesty. You al..." read more

By Mark R 3 years ago - 1 response

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Great Service

"I'd like to complement you and your team for the exceptional customer service we have received throughout the whole process of finding and securing tenants for the above mentioned property. Beside..." read more

By Francesca 3 years ago - 0 responses

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Great Service and Professionalism

"From putting in my offer to completing the purchase, the team at Whitley's was fantastic, with a special mention to Ben. Ben kept me informed at every step of the way and helped where needed, be it w..." read more

By Mohib A 3 years ago - 1 response

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Really has been a pleasure

"Dear Paul, as you are aware we shall shortly be closing down our business due to retirements. I thought I should write to express my sinecere thanks for the first class service and expert adice given..." read more

By Roger L 4 years ago - 1 response

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"Very satisfied with renting a property though R Whitley & Co. I was constantly assisted throughout the whole process. R Whitley & Co agents was always quickly and efficiently responding to my email in..." read more

By Kamil S 4 years ago - 1 response

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R Whitley and Co

Estate House

40 Station Road

West Drayton




01895 424057 (sales)

01895 242056 (lettings)

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