Distinct Property Consultants Banbury Branch Review

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Humane & Empathetic Lettings Agents in Business (UK)

"My friend and I were looking for separate houses to move with our respective families in and around airport retail park, Coventry UK. My friend had scheduled a viewing to a property, for which I too accompanied him. That was the first time, I met Maria Lucas MARLA, who was representing Distinct agents. I liked the way the house was freshly renovated, provision of white goods for kitchen and the very presentation and explanation of rules Maria did for us. It was very professional. We had earlier researched about Distinct Agents and had found that they have very good rating for their service they offered. My friend, instantly filed the application and completed the formalities of the contract to rent the house. It was my luck that they had another house just a block away, which was too getting renovated. Looking at the generosity of Distinct agents to accommodate my friend for a slightly delayed moving in, as his family was to travelling to UK on a specific date, I felt Distinct agents are very comfortable to deal with. I immediately, scheduled the viewing for the house which was getting renovated, this house was the exact replica of my friends house and it belonged to the same landlord Mrs Anne Wallis. I liked the decent interiors. A month later I rented this house and moved in... As it was the ground floor house, there was an issue of low water pressure. When we reported that to the issue to the Distinct agents, the landlord and the agents were very proactive to find the issue and solved it by replacing the entire boiler. This is one such incident. Both the landlord and Maria were very helpful. We too had kept the property very clean. Finally, when I had to move out of the house and eventually out of UK, Maria suggested to consider certain points while cleaning the property. The one humane and empathetic part of Maria was worth of mention that, she said “We want you to get back your deposit in full”. This is rare. Unlike in other countries real estate industry in UK, including lettings directly contribute to the GDP of the country. Hence many agents unnecessarily take money from the tenants. The very example was our previous Lettings agents, who not only charged us with exorbitant and unimaginable amounts but also didn’t give us any breakup of the charges. We too took Maria’s suggestions and cleaned meticulously cleaned the property. Both Landlord and Maria were kind enough to refund the entire deposit. My respect for Distinct Agents and the Landlord was held high... Many thanks for being helpful. I wish Distinct Agents to scale up to the peak of fame in their domain and make tremendous progress with their good work. Have a Great Time Ahead!"


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Distinct Property Consultants

Bloxham Mill

Barford Road




OX15 4FF


01295234750 (sales)

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